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March 09, 2005



I know I personally appreciate it when people leave in depth comments that address a substantive issue more than a simple thank you. The reason I like blogging is that it creates conversations among people that would otherwise not end up talking to each other in the real world. If it weren't interactive, I'd drop it like a fob:)

So write long comments. You've seen some of my dissertations :)


squareroots desi

I think that it's great that you're commenting on these sites - you add something valuable in your perspective (at least for me) prompt writers to keep writing, because someone's taking the time to read and reflect.

Great site, btw!


Never be ashamed of "unwrapping" the layers of your incredible onion of life experience and wisdom and serving them up for others to enjoy.

Remember the pungent becomes piquant quickly!


I understand how you feel. I was a quiet girl and shy girl for most of my life all the way up to highschool. And like you getting older and other experiences has made me more outspoken. Sometimes the best way to explain somthing is using an anecdote from your life. And god knows you have had a lot of interesting tidbits in your life. keep on sharing girl... it makes for an interesting read. ^_~


Yo! Diva Ms. World. Can you be called that seeing as you call other femmes Diva's? Oh and thank you for adding the D world to my nome de plume... I feel tickled

I truly love your obsessive commentary... infact I don't think it is obsessive enough. Your comment about food porn sparked a whole damn post girl! That says alot. So imagine if you really get down and dirty with Mouthing The Words.

Keep coming back... cause your presence has upped the Japanese representation on my statistics from 0.01% to 3.4% in 3 whole damn weeks.


I want you to keep commenting on my fantabulous blog........

Kerim Friedman

You shouldn't feel bad about leaving so many comments! That's what blogs are for.

But you might wish to keep track of them using a service like del.icio.us. That's what I do.

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