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April 20, 2005



yes getting to india may be a nightmare of forms and shots. but congrats on going there! i have been to india 6 times and everytime, i find something new and exciting. you will love it. (but it will be very different from japan!) where will you be in india?


I recently read Vagabonding as well--what a great book! Best of luck on your travels, I look forward to reading all about them!


Joan Didion. Yeah.


also, the the hep shots are only available in either osaka or tokyo. toyama only offers the typhoid shots. and none of these are covered in our health insurance. i can give you the name of the clinic i went to in tokyo. it is quite a scary momma place. but they speak perfectivo english and the hep b shot is 100 dollars or 75 i forget. toodles.

Electoral joylessness

hi Chinita

Quick note - promise me u will take anti-maleria tablets - take them one week in advance of arriving in Indian and keep taking until 3 weeks after u leave - the tablets sold withi india r of a poor quality and are not readily available so take more ten u need,

Okay enough of my lecturing.


Everything travel/govt. related with India is tinged with bureaucratic undertones. Wait till you get to those airport lines in Bombay. AYE VE!! I've wanted to slap some immigration officials before, what stopped me was not fear of being rude, but the fear that if an Indian airport is this bad, imagine their prisons?

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