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May 11, 2005


Aldo Mcbride

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Palestinians welcome Barak, hope peace process resumes

Gayle Wagner

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Graduate Studies


Hey Word Girl!
Ditto on #'s 6, 7, 9, and 12!

6- I think some men are on a neverending quest to be misunderstood so that they can continue to feign ignorance and stupidity.

7- I'm over trying to deal with the stupidity as well (sigh) and have concluded that they "can't handle the truth" and are too punk-assed to deal with all this intelligent woman. So I'm waiting for a real man to enter my life who is confident and not in need of meds and a second mother.

9- Even now, some of my co-workers and the patrons I come into daily contact with at my job talk slowly to me like I'm incapable of understanding basic fundamentals, 'til I cut them to the quick with my articulate and quick wit. And some of those who're a part of the "majority" are always surprised that I've traveled outside the country... cause you know, we're not supposed to.

12- Only dogs like bones.

keep living it up in the world!


you forgot number to include secret number 17; I'm your silent always reading your blog and lovin' it fan:)


Know what you want so you can get the most out of your life.
Continue your quest to see the world.


wow, 16 wonderfully fascinating, interesting things about you! Thanks for quenching my Ms. World knowledge for the day!


Secretly engaged?? To who?
A certain rapper (Pete Nice) that you were OBSESSED with Freshman year of College?

just kidding... i think i know who.


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madame butterfly

oh pliz tell me that 30 is the most fab time!

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