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May 07, 2005



i love my mother i will do anything i mean anything for her i just want her to come back i need you i love you to much to let her go with a mother to shares you secrets happiness with you wount enjoy life. mother i love you you meant the world to me and i will always love you.


i hate mothers becouse my mother passaway i didnt even get a chances to tell her how much i love her and without her in my life it meant nothing to me and i a have to be a mother to my two little sisters.


Your post and your mom's comment brought water to my eyes. I am glad I found your website again. Ever since bar studying, I have been wrapped up in studying, blogging, and sleeping. But, I've been meaning to do a search for your website and see how your trip to India was going. Sound like its still happening but a little bit differently.

Hope all is well!


Great blog cousin!
I love my mother. I would do anything for her. ANYTHING.


she seems so cool like lets watch star wars or something...

moms rock...i know cause i have one

Cousin Kathy

hi diva. thanks for dropping by my blog. it brought me to your blog, which in turn got me thinking of my mommy. aren't mom's the best? thanks again for everything. it was great meeting you. too bad it is was short. no goodbye's. just so long. til next time we meet again. until then, we've always got our blogs.

madame butterfly

ohh this is beautiful..ur mami sounds like a gem. *s* horrah for funky mamis everywhere


There are few things in life that can make me cry. This is one of them. A mother's greatest joy is the gratitude of her family. God admonishes us to be grateful. I have many things to be grateful for, life, jobs, friends, family, Eugene and Chinita (my children).

May we all ponder the things we can be grateful for and take time to show our gratefulness. Even when things aren't the way we think they should be, if we still have breath, we need to be grateful. For tomorrow can be the turnaround moment in our lives.

Peace to Princess Chinita.

Love Mom

queen t

peace Miss Chinita. It's me from (LU and the Managing Expectations Workshop). Cousin Ryumi passed by my blog and then I found your blog...small world, Miss World!

Maybe we can link up before I leave and you go on your world tour...peace.


This si sweet. I didn't know that you played the piano!? I want a concert before you leave young lady!
Maybe when you come to visit me in Europe, you can earn your keep by playing for the family?

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