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May 30, 2005



Represent accordingly and kill the naysayers/the Majority, so to speak, with intellect and razor sharp wit.

madame butterfly

in my case, it was imperative that i step out of my mothers' hearth & warm embrace and connect my relatives across the oceans.instictively, when i first heard mlk's clarion call, ' i have a dream..' i knew i HAD to come to the united states. being almost nine without an intellectual base to fathom the afri- american legacy, i knew my soul would never rest until i landed at the shores of amerika. i sincerly believe that my present identity (gender, sex & race although karmic in re-incarnations is a bench mark to understand myworld and the universe at large. & so, to answer your question:

forgivness. laughter. hope. an undeniable and inexhaustable desire of & about love.


if you feel the past tugging at you, it is actually your ancestors doing that.

here is a starting point:
1. talk to the oldest living relative of your family and ask them who their grandparents are... that will give you a hundred years.

2. every morning, pour libation to all of your ancestors that you knew and love to remember them.Give them thanks for the contributions they have given to you and yours (of course they have to be the positive ones) starting your day like this will energize you.

3. go to the mormon website ( i know i know...but i used them for research) they have listings of many african americans.
go to the census records in the area of the oldest relative you know dead or alive. you will be surprised on what you find..

let me know. if you need help, pass some names this way.


Always represent your people in the highest light. Always study your history and culture so you are accurately informed when challenged. Always do something that will uplift future generations.

I personally will mess with (mentally) a non-person of color every now and then (heh, heh) because karma allows me so. :-)

queen t

i think it's important to honor who you are and how you are feeling. we must live the life that we desire, honoring the history, honoring the present, and honoring the future.


Never forget. But don't let the past consume you. Live in the now. I'm sure if I did some soul/history searching, I'd come across some ugly past about my ancestors being enslaved/killed/raped by the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII and I wouldn't be sitting here thinking about my new exciting job come Sept. but probably chaining myself to the gates of Kantei (Prime Minister's Residence) or the Parliment and setting myself on fire in protest of the atrocities commited against my people.
I don't want to live like that. So I learn to FORGIVE but NEVER to forget.

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