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May 04, 2005



Peace Diva,

What's shakin? John and I love this post!! Your story is so inspiring. Well get movin, we want to read the next installment of your life journey.

Nikia (and John and Zawadi)

mildred johnson

How are you and nice reading-I try to share this with people as your life has been interesting and fulfilling-your life story makes us stop and wonder as it should-never doubted you for a second-very concerned in my own way about you and your mother and brother-I am proud of my godchildren and let anyone know itand continue to write your thoughts and messages as they maybe can reach other people to stride for what they want-take care and love always

Miami Diva

Ms. World love your story! Brings back the tough times I had in school. sniff sniff... Yep, I can understand the discrimination and the not fitting in part very well. I admire you more for having such a strong heart at such a young age to look ahead and think about your future. Most kids won't even be worrying about what school they'll get into, let alone at a young age of 14. Wow!
But the main thing is that we survived, and doing great things in life! Who would have thought we will be living on the otherside of the world! Please finish your life story, I am waiting for the next chapter. Someday, when I finish my life story and share it with you, we can look back and say "We made it."
Also, one thing... What's wrong with University of Miami?


Dearest Cousin,
"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away"--Anonymous


I'm sorry, my response is late with this inspirational post. I did read it a couple of days ago, and my pc crashed just as i was about to respond.

Now coming back and re reading it, i have to say that it inspires and brings a sense of happiness for you, that you have done so much ALREADY. Your family and friends must be so proud of you. I know I am.

And seriously, you need to put all these experiences down to paper, because there are trillions of brown and black little girls who are dreaming of the same thing you now have.

Thank you for sharing your experience Ms.
World. Life is not without hiccups, its just the suprises which make the hiccups go away and the smile to reappear.


This was awesome.


Thank you for this! (And sorry for the mistaken double-ping!)


Such truth. I trust that this log will inspire others to believe the truth that they put in themselves. It matters not what others say about you. You live out your life based on what you believe and say about yourself.

Speak life, good life. The energy needed to speak a good life is the same energy needed to speak a bad life.

You must choose.

madame butterfly

thank you for speaking your truth


wow... i'd been thinking for the past few days that i wanted to recap my 32 years of existence in a short blog. but you beat me to it! i still may do it anyway...
very interesting read!


All the posting seem to say the same thing...this is my story too! I think this is your first book.

Margaret in Germany

Life IS a journey, and you've taken full advantage of it! You should be proud of your self for how much you've accomplished.


you exude spirit, beauty, talent, and heart. such an inspiration to all who come to know and love you. i found strength just reading this entry!


I love this post. You are amazing! Amazing!


I think that it is amazing that you called private schools at 14. Wow! I'm proud of you cousin! I love you!


woh, i have been an avid reader of your blog because like you i love to travel. but i never realized that you were from cincinnati. aaah me too! i grew up in west chester in the white farm country (and got made fun of for being brown and fat). i ended doing ursuline's test and then decided to do public school. thanks for your great blog!


I am so proud of you and everything that you have achieved.. Truly.


you know what? it sounds similiar to my wife's story. very similiar. she just did not fit in and she went through so much

but looka you! you are a world traveler....!


I loved this post!! Thank you for writing it. Your past journey is a huge puzzle piece to who/where you are now. And I loved that picture of you!!! You still have the same warm, gorgeous smile! Do you ever look back and think, "Wow! I am still that SAME little girl from the Midwest, and I here I am traveling the world and living in Japan, nonetheless." Life's an amazing journey, innit?


Do you ever wish you could go back and see those people who said you'd never make it and show them just how wrong they were? I do, although I'm pretty sure the only person who still cares is me! :) They probably don't even remember how much their comments and/or lack of confidence in your abilities hurt & stays with you.

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