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June 23, 2005


Marian Butler

I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but I'm so proud of you. The next time my granddaughter LaVon is here she will e you. You bought LaVon a coat one year and we still have it for my other granddaughter, her name is MyKala .You will be in my prayers daily. Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to share your life.I will be looking for your next locations.


id never heard the saying "black people don't eat sushi" before...they should! it's great :)


Ah yes, the old black folks don't eat sushi. I'm a little late on the comments, but try this one on for size. I'm a black female sushi chef. Dare I even mention the numerous comments I've heard...


umm...can we say dragon roll, spicy tuna and avocado, I'm black and my cousin who keeps trying to hit me u for free dinner loves sushi too

Ms. World

Diva Coffey0072,

That is exactly my point!


I'm sick of the whole, "Black People Never..." bullcrap. I eat California Rolls, Spicy Salmon, the whole bit.
Certain Black people need to learn how to expand their horizons and stop with the "Black folks don't..." nonsense!


my FAMILY and I eat sushi....


Sushi and sashimi? Yes, especially when I'm listening to live jazz music.

Margaret in Germany

I love it ALL. A couple of weeks ago, in Paris, there was a Japanese restaurant across the street from our hotel. My daughter had Disneyland Paris, and I had the Japanese restaurant. Pure heaven.


Oh, I love sashimi! Especially salmon. That, and eel are my favorites. Actually, I went out last night with friends and had some late-night sushi in the next city over. Yum.


I eat sushi and sashimi, but avoid both during warm weather.


Well, this black person likes sashimi ... but for some reason I only like the tuna I agree about the rice so I hate "rolls."


Interesting. I've heard a lot of people comment that they are surprised that a foreigner would eat raw food (fish), but never been singled out for being black.

In my case, I eat sashimi a lot, but rarely if ever do I go for sushi. The rice makes me full.

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