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June 18, 2005



Wow, how wonderful! My father was never really there for me...my parents divorced when I was 6. I'm now 24. Your dad sounds like a terrific guy.

Cherish your parents. They are the most important people in your world. *smile*


this post made me tear. he must be proud!


wow, i never knew how much Eugene looks like your Dad!


"When I celebrated my 13th birthday, he gave me one of the best gifts I've ever received by taking me to a bookstore and allowing me to buy up to 15 books"

I love this!

Danyel Smith (Wilson)


Dads...your post is inspiring me to write a comment and post. There is so much to say between a daughter and dad. Worlds apart, yet we are the same gene. Different dreams, yet same consistency. It makes me cry sometimes that my dad will never understand me, but then he makes me laugh so hard, that I can't help and be so god darn happy.

Ahhhh....your dad's genes have done an amazing job! =)


hey miss world. i happened to write a post about my dad because he has been in my thoughts over the last couple od weeks. in australia we celebrate fathers day in september!

Thank you for remembering your father.

Sista K

No...I think I'm going to cry!! You have a very handsome dad! Happy Father's Day!

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