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July 03, 2005



ahhhh...flexibility. i always claim i am a flexible person, but when push comes to shove, i need things done a certain way. not anal rententive, just my way (simplistic reasoning, i guess).

i wish i could be like water. with the force, the drive, and determination to bend and turn, yet stay on the course. never giving up. never losing stride.

but it's hard. because unlike water, i am warm. not filled with stones. and unlike water, i try not to get abused by others.

but i guess we must realize that we are 75% water. =)

oh ms. world, how you get me all rallied up. haha.


within yourself.
(a typo in my previous message)


Life is a path of self discovery--at least you have enough intelligence (among many other great characteristics/attributes) to cultivate and encourage growth with yourself.

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