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July 03, 2005



hey - I figured it out for myself - you're coming back to the US! It's all good. And hey, uncertainty in life can often be a really good thing - it elicits change. So change is good - and work with your talents (of which you seem to have many). Maybe your 2-3 year plan are actually really good things, they help you keep moving and don't allow you to suffer from inertia.


This thing called life, these processes called living and breathing are crazy and at times scary things...
you will land on your feet no doubt.
I have no questions about your well-being upon returning to the U.S.
My best friend lived abroad in Scotland and then France for about 2 years, and she managed upon her return just fine.


i have no personal stories with you. but i do know that you have an amazing talent of writing and invoking the spirit within us all. i do hope that you use it for your calling. i have faith that you will.

it is scary to go out there are and use your talents. you get slapped, ripped apart, and thrown away. but, one thing i have learned about you, is that you never stop trying. but, again you know all this.

the tears you cry...they only express what is inside. deal with those issues and everything else will fall in place.

and don't think you are alone in feeling this way. more importantly, don't think that you are alone when you make your decisions. you have a crew of people who are your cheerleaders!!

/okay, im done being yoda. thanks for listening to my rant. back to studying.


hey miss world! i hear you. pass the white chocolate my way too. it is a terrifying experience, especially when you are able to convince yourself that everything is going to a-ok. when infact there needs to be a better thought out plan for the long term.

i myself am scared about my future, and wonder why my neglect and sense of fear has seen me in a situation i never thought id find myself in.

we should do coffee one day! :)


Chinita! Remember my shirt with a funny monkey that says "Dreamer you're loosing your mind"? remeber me saying that I like it because when you loose your mind you come to your senses? All the extra noise that happens in our minds is just noise. I found that more blessings than I ever knew imaginable came in to my life when I was feeling and feeling and going with my feelings, with very little brain-mind working (now body-mind, that's another story). I know you as a solid woman who follows her dreams. I look at the bright-eyed wide-smiling yonder-land-experience-craving childhood Chinita and I look at the woman standing in front of the golden pavillion with a comfortable satisfaction and look of near-disbelief and I am not worried about you. I know you are busy lately but I would love to give you the "Tales of a Female Nomad" book I've been reading by a woman in her sixties, Rita Golden Gelman, who started off writing childrens books only to start life as a nomad in her late fourties. It is inspirational and I think it could enhance and prepare you for your coming journeys (and it stirs my wanderlust!) . I love you and I am so excited to hear about your experiences in all thier raw power. You'll be fine. And what's great about your brother is that he knows you in a way others don't, coupled and shaped from his experiences, and loves you and lets you know it.

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