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August 28, 2005



wow! I haven't been here in a minute. Miss this place. : )

Brother OMi

okay, i leave you for a few weeks and you go seducing young impressionable Monks?

you are too funny...


After a long struggle with people in the patty fields & cleaning my new place, I am finally connected again!! I miss you cousin!! I have yet to see you pics, gotta catch up on your blogs. Be safe & meet more monks!!

Sista K

wouldn't it be fun if blogging was more immediate. what if I had gotten a text as you were sitting with the monk in his room look at pictures and all of your blogging fans could have voted whether you stayed or left....i bet you would still be in Laos hanging out with a monk at an empty temple! Sounds like a book full of stories! But onto the next adventure...I can't wait!


Hey! Great story. The Boy and I had a similar experience in Chiang Mai when we went wandering around the city. We came across a temple and wandered about the grounds, making friends with the resident cat when a young monk showed us some wonderful hospitality. With limited Thai we managed to have a decent conversation.

Love your travel stories, will be interesting to read about your time in India.


Mrs. Monk...Mrs. Diva-Monk...Mrs. World-Monk...

Well, whatever, girl: Work it! BTW, love the photo album.

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