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October 22, 2005



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I'm so proud of you. You are still traipsing around the world!
I read a review or two about Bliss.
If you really want to feel some connectedless via literature, during your travels, I would suggest Interesting Women by Andrea Lee.
Awesome read!
Good luck and keep making your mark around the globe.


Hi sis! I will be praying for you. We all will be. I know you'll do well!

Was looking at your pictures and laughing at your friend from Toronto. Yeah, we're crazy! LOL.

I'll be travelling too, but I'm no Ms. World...I'm just going to another part of Canada. A very COLD part, mind you. :o)


Hope it's warmer in Mumbai than it is in Toyama!! The cold has settled in here. A good thing has happened and I may live in Toyama forever :) But I guess you may have saw that coming...
Meanwhile, you are living your dream. I'm with Mama and Cousin Ryumi on the writing tip. Ain't no need for competition girlfriend! Maya Angelou would be so proud to know about your strength and courage to follow your dreams. She'd probably write a story about you! I'm also with Akwete. When I grow up, I want to be you. And I like your mantra. Let it flow!You vibe in such a beautiful way. Hey, if you are still in Asia a year from now let's meet up in Thailand for the world wide rainbow gathering. You'd probably know more people there than anyone else! I LOVE YOU!! Peace and Hugs!! Emily


Hi Chinita

It was nice reading your post. But now ur in India and hope you do feel its like home.
That was some list of books you mentioned will try to get hold of them and read. Do have a great time in Pune.


Hey Chinita,

It's so great that you're finally stepping into India, your 3rd homeland.(Is Japan your 2nd?)

I hope everything works out like you hope it would. I think you'll enjoy the blatant honesty of the Indian people after Japan!

Looking forward to reading more!

Jen x


Awesome! Enjoy!


Hello Diva Pearl-please send a Email and let me know if you are ok-your mother went to Indiana this weekend with Michelle to Frank's daughter wedding and suppose to return this evening and I was wondering if you were ok-please let somebody know-love always



If you plan to be in Bangalore, send me an e-mail! Would be great to meet you.

Akwete McAlister

Hey Chinita,
When I grow up I want to be you. I am so happy to hear that your travels are going well since you left Japan. Thanks for always remembering me and writing. I still love your blog site. Have fun and continue figuring how to create the balance that makes your life so wonderful. YOu definitely will never leave this place saying I wish I had..... I admire you much, Akwete


You are finally in India!! Hope it is all you want it to be.. I received your postcard from Vietnam!! it was very exciting, Thank you for thinking of me in my birthday'

peace and love


You're almost there. Keep going, we are here supporting you all the way.

Waddie G.

I am happy (and envious) for you...good luck on your travels...can't wait to see pictures. I am going to save your site.


Oh my poor baby deer in the forest! I am so delighted that you are finally in your third homeland. (Whats no. 2? Eire?) I agree with Mama... why do want to compare youreslf with other writers. I'm not a proper writer but I am always trying to create a niche for myself and be different (comes from beign a sixth daughter I think). Peace cousin! I'm so proud of you!

Sista K

i'm so excited for you, i have tears in my eyes!! i can't wait to hear about your adventures, experiences, reflections, and thoughts! enjoy india, enjoy your new home!

Mama Tara

wow! i remember like yesterday when we were in our freshman yr at slc and u taking Indian Civilization. and here u are now finally stepping foot in the land u dreamed of visiting.

i'm so proud of u and inspired by your determination and drive.

be safe.


oi! so exciting...India, Mumbai. I'm going to get in touch with my cousin in Bangalore and will keep you posted.

Also, please let me know what you think of Zadie's new book. I want to get it but want to know what other people think of it. Other people, meaning you...=)


You are a magnificient writer. Don't compare yourself with others, even the best, because each of us are uniquely made and our experiences are never duplications.

Enjoy your journey. Peace.

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