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December 10, 2005



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Hmmm. I hope I can give you some advice on this. Because I did the traveling around the world thing about three years ago (and believe me, now I live in Paris so it is still in my system).

1. In the U.S. Bush is losing support...which was probably due. 12 coal miners died.

2. I didn't e-mail my friends that often too when I traveled. But there were some friends I had to managed to keep in contact with me and I respect them for that. As long as your mother knows you are safe, she will be cool.

This is getting a little long.

Coming back to the U.S. was hard and easy for me. I loved coming back to my family and friends. But I hated the fact that I had one week of vacation in a WHOLE year of working. It sucked. That's why I figured out a way to travel and make some money...

you are definitely going to feel different from the typical black person who has not had the opportunity to travel and live abroad. But rather than just feeling different you can use the experience to educate people...

I feel like I am rambling now...

Angela aka tuckergur

Hey so here's my plan. Let me know if we overlap anywhere. It would be cool to hang face to face.

Feb. 10-24 - Cape Town, South Africa
Feb. 24-March 3 - Kigali, Rwanda
March 3-March 21 - Lagos, Nigeria (We will be going to Dakar,Senegal and possibly Ghana).

Hope you're well!


Happy New Year wherever in the world you are!


Chinita-Diddy! Or are you now known as Diddy? Anyway, how wonderful to read about all of your experiences. Just think how far you've gone since writing your dreams out on your refridgerator in Jersey City! Last we saw one another are last words were "See you in 2006" and now in a matter of hours that year will come!! Can't wait to see you and America awaits your return!


Hello World Girl and how are you-as always,be safe and continue to write,experience and enjoy and take care and just wanted to send a line to let u know I am thinking about u and enjoy the posting and can't wait to see u-love always


mmm....I feel like a slow converstation with you. I like the wisdom of the people around you. I think you are doing fine and think the confusion shows you the choices that are best for you. Think of your choices and you will know by your feelings which one is your path. If you question it, it is not the answer. At least, that works for me.
Don't worry about what's going on in other parts of the world. Our ancient ancestors didn't and they lived balanced peaceful lives, relative to our infomration overloaded age.
Re-connecting will be absolutely no problem for you. (fortune cookie wisdom with reality kicked in!) Live your surroundings. Loved ones know you love them and are thinking of you too.
Favorite words by my sister Katrina
Time is a grand illusion
Thoughts are not the solution
Dilution is the solution
So pee your cares into the riverbed
And let the river tide throw your soul to joy


how envious I am of your journey. x-mas time is coming again and I so much I wish I am still taking 3 weeks at least to go around the world but instead I will be in boston for the whole time this year:-). I think you will be just as fine in your re-addjustment back to the US as your adjustment to post-japan travels now. just have fun, and HAVE FUN! your journey is inspiring..so inspiring that perhaps I will be gone again from the US next year!


I found your blog by chance when I was looking for html codes through google (very random), and I just wanted to say what a pleasant suprise it is. I have always wanted to do something like you are doing, travel the world,visit exotic places, but I am a broke college student so it ain't happening anytime soon. It will probably be a culture shock when you get back to the states though, anyway I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your journey in such a public way. God Bless!


Hey cousin...
I'm confused too. All I know is that I need to get the hell out of Hwuamhwdam ASAP!!! My arts councilor isnt coming through for me and I'm on my own again trying to muddle through. At least you can be smug in the knowledge that you are actually getting some work done there in India where as here in Eire, I'm twiddling my thumbs.
How long more will you be in India?
Take care!


Hello Miss World. Glad you are continuing your writings in any form. Your life will be much richer with the experiences you have gained. Be safe.


You'll be an American living in America soon, but you'll be so much more interesting...and enriched than many.

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