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January 18, 2006



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i'm glad you had a better time in the south!! see you soon!


Oh my Gawd!! Diva Chinita you are so cool and so much of what you have said about Mumbai is soooo true. I'm a Black American living here as a volunteer for one month, possibly two, and some of the attitudes can be fairly rude, to downright nasty towards darker skinned folks. Even towards other darker skinned Indians. Fortunately, most people have been pretty decent and much of the attitude thet I get in Mumbaiis like any other big city attitude - you know, like New York rude.(And yes, most people here don't consider me a "real American" either, no matter how many times I tell them.) Its good you stood up for yourself and I wish I could have caught up with you while you were still in Mumbai. I'm also thinking of extending my stay in India, and am considering going South over the North myself. I do, however, want to see the Taj Mahal, so - time permitting - I may stop there first. But I have heard and seen pictures from my roomates showing that Kerala is BEAUTIFUL, so you may definitely want to stop there. Hopefully, I will too. Keep travelling, girl!

My motto: If Mae Jemison can go to the moon, I can definitely go to India

Indian gal

Diva, I'm so glad you stood up for yourself, and I can't wait to read more - though I hope you don't get bullied again. I hate north India myself and I grew up there. I think you'll like southern India much better. I know most Africans like it much better, though I've never yet met an African-American who travelled there. You may still need to push a few men in Kerala however, but there's also the chance they'll grope you one minute and want to talk about the Black Panthers the next. They are intellectual gropers. Do tell us how it goes!


Atta girl! I don't know if I could have stood up for myself the way you did! You're an inspiration!

Sounds like you made a healthy decision by going South. Keep listening to those inner voices - they'll take you where you need to go.


Hey Sweetie-
I am so proud of you holding your own. They think they're waging a battle, what they don't know is you already won the war.

Love you much-- All Hail the South



Be Indian, indeed.
love the post. and enjoy the South. I hear, it's the civilized half.


You're an amazing woman, don't let anyone make you think otherwise. Take care of yourself & see you back in the states.

Miss hanging with you.


I think you are still living up your dream if you are still passionate about India (though only you know best how you feel now about where you want to spend your time), and I think when all of this is done you will treasure eery bit of this experience, including all those shoving and shouting moments. May I suggest taking a break in more western establishments and booking a hotel room to yourself if you need? It will break your bank a little I am sure but it will be rejuvenating and I think wee all need breaks...however you define them.


Bravo! Stand up and fight them. :)


Life is what you make it. I'm glad you aren't locked into plans because sometimes the path shifts.

It's good to be able to take stand up for yourself but know that sometimes proving something to someone is not worth the outcome.

Be careful and safe.


Go to Mysore, my birth town. Really, you will love it there. And then to Ooty. Oh, I wish I could be there with you! ::sigh::

Hail the SOUTH!


Yay for South India!! I knew you'd love it. I hope you get to hit up all the wonderful hotspots in Bangalore,Goa, Kerala and Madras. I'm sure you'll LOVE it!! Here's to a laid-back, relaxed time after the hustle and bustle of your adventures up North!

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