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February 11, 2006



You wonder as to why Indian school kids in rural areas and government schools are being taught in their regional language and not in English. It's really simple. It's to keep it alive and not let English overtake the nation. It's not to keep them backward as you say. These kids go home and speak only their regional language. That is the language they are most comfortable in, its their mother tongue. To teach them in english would put them at a disadvantage. They won't be able to compete with urban kids that are exposed to english in their daily lives. It's like telling French or German kids to suddenly study Math and Science in English. They would fail as would these kids. As for English being the business language, I disagree. Are the Japanese losing out on business because they can't speak english? I don't think so.
I went to an english language school in Delhi where I was taught my mother tongue Hindi as a language course rather than my first language.I am now in my mid-20's with barely adequate skills in my own language. I'd say I was more at a disadvantage than these kids. I am ashamed of my language skills.
If we are not taught our regional language, it will become defunct and then where are we? Just average citizens of the capitalist world united by our love for coca cola, Gap and Britney Spears.
For you to encourage English in favour of a regional language, without adequate information, makes you, in effect, a cultural imperialist.


As I was telling our cousin in EU, I just got done with JET FEST 2006. 'bout died. Was soo busy. So I haven't been keeping up.

I just want to say you are an amazing woman & when you get home, let me know & I want to hear all about your adventures...
take care & keep going!


Hey Missy Miss!!
Sorry I've been MIA... I moved to a new province (for a new job), just moved into my own apartment and JUST got the internet hooked up... PHEW!

Anyway my friend, I have LOTS to catch up on, will be commenting soon! :o)



You are now living out my dream. Don't let anyone still your joy! Find the blessing in our people and all people in the Motherland. The Security Guard is just another part of life, there is someone like that everywhere we go.
Embrace and Enjoy the land and receive all of the nuturing and knowledge from it and it's people with open arms, heart and eyes.

Zenitra Gee

Yes!!!! The Motherland, Our land . . . enjoy!


What a journey. Can't wait until you return to the land in which you were born.

You have something that no one can ever take from you.


wow, south africa. i am totally excited to hear about your adventures here. yeah, i've heard SA is quite expensive.

so, cape town like goa? would love to hear an analysis when you get a chance, comparing the two.

don't know much about indian education but all of your talk has got me so interested in indian/colonialism/education, etc. good for me! bad for the bar! =)


Man...I guess the security man was one of the museam exibits yes?


Congrats on the move and good luck. Don't know if I agree with you on the assessment of Indian education, but I don't know enough.


Welcome to the Motherland, girl! I have a couple of friends over there I think you'd enjoy meeting--If you have some free time I'd be happy to make the "virtual introductions"! As always, safe travels and thank you for seeing the world for all of us USA-locked folks.

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