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February 22, 2006



Chinita - will email you privately soon. (Took the NY Bar last week.) Happy you made it to Africa. Was wondering what continent you were on!!Your mom wrote the sweetest comment that I've read in a long time. Safe travels and all my love...


glad to hear good things about Mozambique. Planning to do a Southern Africa tour for a month and take in Mozambique. thanks for the info.



50 Cent is huge here in Kigali. I think he is one of the most famous people in Africa which is kind of strange since he has not been around that long.

BTW, it was fine about us not meeting up in Cape Town. It's not easy to meet up while travelling. I am in Kigali for another 2 days and then I am off to Lagos for a week and Ghana for another.

I have heard good things about Mozambique! I hadn't even thought about going there. Such a big continent so little time.


Sounds like you are having an excellent time...

Zenitra Gee

I just read of an earthquake over that way. I hope you are ok.


wow, really?

I would never had guessed Mozambique. I need to look back into my African politics book from college.

Sounds like you are enjoying your time...=)


See I was really diggin that description until you got to 50 Cent. I hate him so much I'd be willing to skip that whole country...

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