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June 17, 2006



I can't front, I never thought that I would enjoy watching soccer buut I have.


Did you see the Japan game? It was pathetic! They are way to polite! They walk down the field saying things like "sumimasen" "dozo" "gomenasai"
Seriously, those boys need to be more aggressive! They missed some great shots!

Next up: Japan vs. Brazil!

Enjoy the games!


I had to tape those games today while my husband this morning. I'm learning about the points and rules and everything too.

I wish I could live without cable, but I'm officially hooked.

madame butterfly

i think the games are also being transmitted through abc, although i havent been still enough to actually catch a game..


Hi - i too am having problems watching games here in Spain as they are only showing them on cable/pay TV. This means having to go to bars to watch and travelling 6km when I am away from Granada - a real pain. In London the games are all on free TV so its a bit annoying.

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