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June 08, 2006



I am SO the same way. I'm still trying to figure out how to break out of the US and use my passport before I wilt from disappointment.

Why is it that some people are born to go and some people are born to stay?


I'm totally a geek. I now spend my friday nights studying. I mean attending classes. All the peeps in my class are 40+ women who adore yon-sama. oh my gosh....


Hurray! I'm so glad you have the blog back! I missed it so much. I love all the photos you've posted and your stories and perspectives are so interesting to read!

Amritsar...such an interesting place! The changing of the guard, the temple and the historic mutiny garden. I love the photo!

I'd like to take a similar photo from the Pakistan side! Wanna come?


That article has me thinking. I will be leaving my present job on June 30 and really have no desire to jump right into whatever is next (where ever that may be). The question is how to pay for it all.


hey there... this is interesting. i left two consecutive jobs to go travelling. one was in 2003 to go for a 5 week trip to sri lanka and singapore and the other was in 2004 to go to america and canada. now that i have found a really good job, i dont think ill be doing this again... but luckily in australia we have very generous leave allocations when compared to the usa. plus my employer is pretty good when it comes to taking more than the 4 weeks of annual leave; as long as we have the time in our leave bank.

hopefully next year ill visit south africa and and london.


Hi cousin. You know how much I enjoy plagerising other people thats why on Author Ryumi you can find the golden rules of writing.
I think you are better off to over write than not write at all. Honestly, we complain about being writers who dont write and then one of us complains about "over writing". Hell you can write a couple of posts for me!
Love ya

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