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June 03, 2006




Wow, I love your site! Especially the pictures! Japan looks like it was a lot of fun! I'm actually going to Japan in June, so I hope I have a good time also!! I was wondering, um, is there any advice you could give me for my trip there? It’d be a great help! I'm going with my mom and well she is totally clueless like I'm when it comes to what to do there. I know I want to go to Mt. Fuji and go shopping in Tokyo...but that's all I can think of. Anyways, thanks for your help! Talk to you laterz! Alexandria

PS: by the way what do you do for a living, that you get to travel so much? I want to do something like that when I graduate from college, that's why I'm majoring in International Studies...yuppers, lol. Oh, I'm not sure if it gives you my e-mail address, but its: arya_of_raerthrin@yahoo.com. Thanks again!!


Cousin, Group F is gonna be Brazil on top, but I think Japan has a good shot at #2. Go Samurai Blue. In celebration of the games, I went out & bought myself my very own hello kitty world cup t-shirt.
So much for trying to adjust to reality (I only have 1 month left)....
reverse culture shock, oh-oh...


Nice breakdown, Ms. W! I think a lot of the games are going to be broadcast or rebroadcast on ABC and ESPN actually. (Univision of course will have it -- pero en espanol.)


Wow! I'm inpressed with your knowledge! Lucky you to not be able to catch the games. Because I'm so close to the epicentre, its going to be football football football here. The TV sechedules have all been changed to allow the football to be shown 24 hours

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