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October 27, 2006



you must have had mad fun. i cant wait to go for my gap years


Great blog!

I have done 9%, and like you have been in Japan for most of that.


I'm going to take some time to dig through your blog, your round the world trip sounds so interesting! I have never been to Africa... something I have been meaning to do...

I hope your readjustment to US life is going well!


I'm jealous.

Awesome tracks you've made on our little planet!


I'm too embarrassed to do this, I've never been anywhere.......


You didn't shade in good o' US of A.


Welcome Back World Girl!

Perhaps a job in admissions, recruiting international students as prospective students here at an accredited college/University?
My best friend is Assistant Director of Recruitment at Wentworth Institute of Technology, and they have her ON THE GO, all over the globe (Turkey, Tunisia, Asia, Mexico, Nice, Bermuda...) practically every month! And she has barely been there a year!

I know that whatever you end up doing, you'll do it with aplomb!


Find a job that will pay you to travel!

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