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November 06, 2006



Hey. New around here and figured I should post and say hi.

Irish Jo

I forgot to say I agree with sista K. You need to give it time. It was easy to move to Toyama because there were loads of other newbies in the same situation as you but you are alone in your move to "Mystery City X" (woops nearly let it slip). I'm just setteling into Dublin after 8 months.
PPS the Dublin Tourist bord are out for my blood after my last comment!

Irish Jo

Surely "it ain't Dublin" should be on the upside?? Its cold, expensive and gets 7 hours of light this time of year... ( I won't say sunshine coz we never get that)


What's up Beautiful!!
So you've found a city to settle. That's more than I can say, floating in between Tokyo and Toyama. We had it COLD here a few days ago. It's about to hit that time of year to incubate in the inside.
Think of it! You have clean beach near by!! (I think, I'm wrong?)
LOVE YOU!!!!!! Keep it up and on, Your groove is coming to you as you read!


yeah!! you moved and i think it's closer to me. :)


It's still a mystery. But I'm guessing it's DC or Boston, but the photo is most certainly India! You can't fool me! Give it time girl, no rush! It takes time to settle in! がんばって!

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