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November 14, 2006



I loved East Enders when i was in college. I still look forward to visiting London. I think you're really fortunate to have seen as much of the world as you have already. Can't wait to read about your trek through Africa.


I miss all my cousins:(


anyone able to sing over to chi town??? I'm stuck here until April (when I get off work probation period)...

Diane Corriette

Great blog post! i have a new found obsession of blogging, but im not sure that has a name!

Diane Corriette


Fuck's sake Jimmy, you were the one who kipped in the prison for a whole week. We didn't even last there five minutes and you think you're "higher standard"? Me thinks not!
PS we are still coming to visit you BTW and you are over due a visit to Euroville, or are you too classy to visit?

Sexxy Jimmy

I think you are a true and fit internationalist. I want to be one, but in a higher standard way.

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