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February 03, 2007



Spring idea childhood willowThe spring idea childhood willow speaks of me the interesting matter, simply much have to resemble the in the sky heavy , in mont blanc roof rack an interesting condition have the , smile the .Whenever I see the willow, that day of the childhood presents clearly at my at present. The spring miss leaps in river surface that sealing ah leap, ice layer broken bits, became the flowing water;The spring miss tramples on the earth ah trample, the small grass explores the successful in career coming;The spring miss mont blanc discount embraces the flower twig to shake slightly ah shake, the wearing a smile in bud opens.Ex-x- willow mont blanc 320 in my family, its a son is soft, long out a green in each , resemble the knows to take front two ancient poems" jasper makeup a tree high, green silk in ten thousand pendencies " in a for writing .I use the a son plait hat with small crew member.Come downome down first a son from the tree , give the girl the son to weave the method of the plait according to adult again, weave the certain length to a son, curved a turn, use the line get up the both ends department, a hat.We wear the hat, proud! At that time, I still like to blow the a son, often crying to make the grandfather give me the a mont blanc sale son to blow, the grandfather used the that double of growing the giving of full and old me the an is again a.I divide the a son to small crew member, than who blow loudly.At that time of my ghost heart son is many, the gross wants to stay a ring most to oneself, so each time and all is I win. Summer night, I moves with one person of small crew members on enjoying cool air the small wooden bench, under the willow, hear the grandfather speaks mont blanc uk the story.The grandfather's voice although a trifle son is hoarse, but he speak vivid, very good to listen.Hear the fascinating time, we clap to begin then and happily.A burst of a cool breeze be blown, willow comfortable mont blanc luggage an exhibition a story for springing up dance to, like too hearing understanding grandfather speaking. Summer in the past, autumn past, winter past, spring again, the willow sproutlaced again, we started weaving the hat again, blowing the


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