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February 03, 2007


Hair Gospel

congragulations lady, you can never expire or retire from being a blogger-its in your blood. before filling your lovely new place with the likes of IKEA or Macys, make sure you annoint your house with prayer and oil-its always a blessing to seal those miracles that God does in our lives.





wow. well done chinita. hope you are well these days. justin


Hi Chinita, greetings from Singapore! : ) I can see this message will find you very well. It's great you're still keeping this blog to share your experiences. Good to know u're settling well. I'll check in from time to time. In the meantime, keep blogging!


Hi MsWorld,
I just stumbled onto your blog. Are you still looking for a job, by any chance?
If yes, here's a position for you: Dialect/culture trainer in India for a helpdesk. If you're not interested in coming back to India to live, there will also soon be position in New Jersey. I've included a link to the company that I work for.
I'm a Haitian American female and I live in Hyderabad in South India. I was very intrigued by your experiences in Japan and the rest of the world.
Send an email if you're interested.
Thanks for the blog and especially for the picts - They're great!


Hey there Ms. World, Home Owner Highness!
Just wanted to give a big hello and hope to see you either here or there!
Miss you lots, especially after watching the wedding video! Lots of good memories with you and always thinking of you too! I hope you get your year books back! Much love! Thip


How are you settling in? I hope all is well. Take care.

Chicago Diva

Dang, cousin! I'm so proud of you. I've been bad in keeping up with your blog in the new year. Now things have finally settled down, i'll be regularly checking on your site. Of course congrats on your new home (hopefully you got my card). I think it's about time to do a cousin reunion. Don't you think? When is Ryumi coming over to the states? If you guys travel together, you should know that you're always welcome in chi town. Miss ya!


Congratulations! Your place is going to look awesome when you finish decorating with all your "worldly" things. Have fun!


i am so connecting with this post. i, too, have just come back to blogging. actually, started a new one. the condo, however, is no longer a new phenomenon. it was big fun decorating it when i first moved in. now, i only agonize over trying to keep it clean!

welcome back :-)

Sexxy Jimmy

Congratulations on your new home. Take your time decorating. Don't rush it. It's an on-going process. I should know!

Mamma Tara

i am so happy for you!
please post pix of your abode.


CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! I miss you as a blogger, tho.

My advice: watch HGTV.


CONGRATS! Yes, home ownership definitely has its perks.

My only decorating advice is: Have fun! Oh. And definitely invest in a high quality, complete tool set.

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